Terms & Conditions

Policy statment

Client privacy and freedom of speech is the number one objective to our web service.
We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, without explanation.
While this may seem harsh, our policy is to be upfront with our customers at all times, and not to arbitrarily suspend our customers without warning or recourse. However if a customer, new or otherwise is found to have violated the following provisions of our terms of service, they will be subject to immediate suspension of access and possible deletion of content.
Those provisions are as follows:

  1. Actual viable threats of violence towards any any individual or group. Examples:
    • Naming an individual or group and describing plans to do physical harm to them
    • Soliciting or inciting actual harm or violence to a named individual or group, does not include simple "I hate you" messages, but specific plans, dates, methods or messages.
    • Terrorist threats, vendettas, jihads or solicitations of same in such a manner as to pose criminal liability on the maker of said threats. ie. "I support **" is ok, but "I am joining ** tomorrow to harm people" is not.
  2. Solicitation for or sale of any illegal activities or substances including but not limited to:
    • Prostitution
    • Child or underage pornography
    • Recreational drugs (where they are illegal)
    • Legal weapons or ammunition (where not done according to law)
    • Illegal weapons, ammunition and explosives
  3. Content "piracy" or copyright infringements that are not considered "fair use". We support "fair use", and are not advocates of copyright and patent abuse by any means. However if we receive multiple copyright infringement and/or piracy complaints, and subsequent investigation shows that you are in the "business" of distributing protected content, you will be subject to suspension and content deletion for our own protection. In short, if you want to be "Pirate bay", get your own server.
  4. Any action, content or images included on your site that would subject us (Langlois Internet) to any immediate civil or criminal liability will be cause for immediate suspension and possible content deletion

Most of the above list would be investigated internally, but would come to our notice because of complaints, either by civil or criminal authorities, or by content users or other private citizens. We keep a basically hands off policy toward our subscribers otherwise. Any complaints that do not come under the above list prohibitions will be investigated on a case by case basis, and no action will be taken without prior warning or notice.

Payment Policy

Website Invoices are sent 10 to 15 days prior to the due date.

We have set up automated systems to help keep track of payments and subscriptions etc.,  as of January 1, 2014:
Due date for hosting services is the first of the month of the period billed. Yearly would be the 13th month,
Quarterly would be the 4th month, Monthly would be the next month.

Non payment penalties:
If you are invoiced, a warning letter is sent on the 2nd day with a copy of the invoice. You have a 7 day grace period, after which a 10% or $2.50 late fee will be charged per subscription (whichever is greater), for example $5 if you have 2 site subscriptions.
After 15 days, service will be suspended, and you will have to pay for the month + fees to have it restored. Restored Multi-month and yearly accounts will be switched to monthly until the beginning of the next quarter. You can pay the remainder of the quarter in a lump sum at the monthly rate if you desire.
Quarters are:

  1. January 1 to March 31,
  2. April 1 to June 30,
  3. July 1 to September 30,
  4. October 1 to December 31.

A fee of $25 will be charged for any returned checks, or Credit Card charge backs.  

A "subscription" to this service consists of a "Client" or customer account, web and email hosting for one or more domains, control panel access to the hosting server and can include one or more additional services. It will be paid for on a monthly, quarterly (3 months), or yearly basis, with all payments due on the 1st of the month. Monthly new subscription payments will be prorated the amount of days from the 1st of the month to the date of the subscription start, and all subsequent payments will be due on the 1st of every month. New Quarterly subscriptions are prorated by the amount of days from the beginning of the quarter (listed above) to the date the subscription starts, and will be subtracted from the billing for the subsequent quarter. In other words credit will be given to Quarter 2 for subscriptions started in Quarter 1. Annual payments are due on the 1st of the month that the subscription was started, and will be prorated according to the amount of weeks into the month the subscription was started: 1/52 of the fee per week. So subscription started in the 3rd week will be charged the yearly fee minus 2/52 of the yearly fee.

Full payments made through the automated store will receive a charge back credit for any subscriptions created after the first of the month. Payments made by phone or check will be charged the fee minus any credits due at time of payment.