Remote IT Outsourcing Sevices

Small to medium companies often find themselves without IT support because of cost considerations.  This often leaves these companies with a catch 22 situation:
1. "We need IT support for our networks, servers and workstations!"  As is often the case in these situations, you often will have to rely on an emergency visit by a technician that is not familiar with your network and servers, and will by necessity take an extra amount of time to fix the problem, increasing the cost.
2. "Our budget does not allow for a full time on site IT department."  Since there is no one available to preform needed maintenance, backup and repair service, this results in exsessive down time, also increasing your costs.

Langlois Internet/Nextwork Engineering offers as a solution to this common problem our IT outsourcing service.


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Remote IT Outsourcing: Monthly Remote technical support


Remote Technical support consists of:
1. 24/7 telephone technical support if needed there will always be someone to call to give technical advice and troubleshoot problems for your Companies network and employee workstations.
2. Remote access technical support as long as a workstation or server is powered on and can be accessed through your network, a technician will be able to directly access the system and troubleshoot the problem remotely without having to visit.
3. Server backup and security monitoring of network assets and workstations we will be able to track changes in your network environment alerting you to any potential security issues as well as preform and monitor backups of your valuable data from your servers and workstations.

This service is charged monthly after an inital on site setup.

Our price: $600.00 (€522.00)
Remote IT Outsourcing: Monthly Technician Visit


Our fully qualified, certified technicians can be contracted to preform a schedualed onsite visit, to be billed monthly according to how many visits are required.  However at this time we have to restrict this service to within 100 miles of our Data center - 600 W. 7th St.. Los Angeles, CA, and 100 mile radius from our Corperate office in Apple Valley, CA.  These visits consist of:
One technician to travel to your company location and stay to troubleshoot problems and do required maintenance for four hours minimum, eight hours maximum.
$250.00 each visit.
If a technician needs to replace parts:
   A. if arrangements are not done in advance, and if parts are obtainable locally (within 30 miles radius of company location) by the technician additional charges will apply.


Our price: $250.00 (€217.50)
Remote IT Outsourcing: One time set up fee


On site set up for your network consists of one technician to spend one day (8 to 10 hours) setting up external network access, workstation access, VPN and router for Remote IT.  Specific work involved:
1. Set up VPN connection in order to have a secure connection to your network and workstations, we generally use a Cisco ASA5505 VPN router or any compatable Cisco router that supports VPN (Virtual Private Networking) connections.  If one is not available on site then it can be provided by us for an additional $800.00.
2. Set up servers, switches and network backup.   Usually consiting of one file server, one network switch and one backup device.
3. Set up workstations for remote access.  For up to 12 individual employee workstations.

Our technicians are generally very fast and can achieve a lot in a days work, rates are based on what one tech can generally do in a day (8 hours).  Doing more is no problem, but we have to charge overtime if the tech stays more than 10 hours.
Basic one day: $750.00
Additional hours:
Hourly rate: $75.00
Overtime Rate: $112.50

Travel to any area outside of the Southern California area within 100 Mile radius of downtown LA, or Apple Valley must be arranged separately from the service fee.  Customer is fully responsible for travel to and from and any lodging accomidations necessary outside of this area.

Our price: $750.00 (€652.50)